I recently got a new TV and I need some advice on how to best take advantage of my setup.

My current setup: I have an old laptop as my homeserver. I have Pihole on it. I also have setup a VPN with Gluetun that other docker containers are using. To watch movies I have a Kodi + Real Debrid setup on my actual laptop and I would use that with an HDMI cable to watch movies on my old TV.

What has changed now is that I have an Android TV, and to be perfectly honest it was a bit of a hassle to use the laptop to watch stuff especially TV shows because between each episode I would have to get up and use the laptop to play the next episode, and I have to set up my laptop each time because it’s my main device and I need to take it with me everywhere. I have the Kore app on my phone but that wouldn’t work if my VPN is running on either my phone or laptop, which usually is the case.

From what I read, the simples solution would be setting up stremio on the TV with RD and ditch the VPN. However I would prefer if there was a way to route the traffic through VPN. Do you guys know any better solutions?

Thanks in advance for your help. P.S. Cat pic for your troubles