My first post here! I’m doing my first shawl with slow transition yarn. I learnt crochet when I was a kid but I had never done such a big project. I work full time so I run home every day to get some rows done lol. Now that my shawl has grown a bit since taking these pictures that means 2-3 rows a day, but oh well, no rush here :)

Crocheted with YarnArt Flowers in #262 with 3.0mm (D?) hook. Pattern at Ravelry (in Spanish):

    38 months ago

    You gave me an existential crisis about what day it is, but you also gave me a peek at the start of a really gorgeous shawl and a cute doggo, so I guess we’re even!

    • @kurobitaOP
      28 months ago

      OMG I got totally mixed up, sorry about that!