Seems pretty dumb in our biological design to not be able to regenerate such a functional (and also easily breakable) part of our body.

  • GranixoOP
    01 month ago

    People like me have only one problem with what you just said, and it’s called “Bruxism”.

    • southsamurai
      41 month ago

      Well, if you make it to breeding age, and successfully do so, then it really doesn’t matter from a species perspective. If you don’t, then whatever traits led to the grinding are weeded out, so that’s also irrelevant to the species in a different way. Also, there are treatments to help with bruxism. It isn’t something that can’t at least be managed to reduce the speed of damage.

    • Not really? Bruxism is heavily linked with stress and anxiety, which we have too much of in our contemporary society (meaning: a drop of water in our whole evolutionary history), and it’s very rarely going to incapacitate anyone, so evolution doesn’t care, and has cared even less before civilization.