• @A_Chilean_Cyborg
    2 months ago

    2010 chilean Earthquake and tsunami (8.8), and the 2016-17 forest fires too

    Chile has an extreme propensity to natural disasters, but Chileans have learn to deal with them so they aren’t that bad, like after the 2010 8.8 quake there was an 8.5 or so in 2015 that caused little damage because lessons were learned, consider that quakes over 6.0 happens every year or two in chile, also we have floods, forest fires? Volcanoes, landslide, etc.

    My grandma felt the 9.5 Valdivia quake (biggest earthquake recorded in world history) and shortly after started working in the ministry of infrastructure, she always says she had to type “devastated area” a lot lol, my mom also felt her fair share of quakes too, and my parents were just away from Santiago (the city where we live) when a enormous flood hit here and caused a ton of damage, and we’re not talking about the natural disasters that happened in other areas of the county, like more quakes, floods, forest fires and volcanoes…

    Yeah, if you want to safely-ish experience natural disasters, come live in chile! Lmao.

    • @bionicjoey@lemmy.ca
      72 months ago

      God damn. You make Chileans sound like the Fremen. Living in the most inhospitable planet in the galaxy and it hones them into a deadly society of warriors.