Hello guys,
I’m looking for a music player, I have checked some wikis but none of those give me their personal opinion of the music players thus I would like to know your experience. Currently I am using musikcube as I just though it would look since since it can use your terminal colorscheme and I have also used Cue.
Anyway, what music player would you recommend for someone who has thousands of songs and wishes to create playlists seamlessly. Thanks in advance

Edit: Gave most of your recommendations a fair shot. In the end I decided to go for MPD + Ymuse since it was exactly what I needed plus Ymuse is gtk so its automatically themed for me. Thank You All Guys!
fair to say I was Ymused…

  • Troy
    42 months ago

    No one commenting on your playlist? You’re cathartic music experience is showing :)

    • @nfsu2OP
      22 months ago

      oh man, that not even my “Today I’m feeling overwhelmed by my emotions so I cue my emotional playlist till I figure out a rational plan” But thanks anyway :)