Hello guys,
I’m looking for a music player, I have checked some wikis but none of those give me their personal opinion of the music players thus I would like to know your experience. Currently I am using musikcube as I just though it would look since since it can use your terminal colorscheme and I have also used Cue.
Anyway, what music player would you recommend for someone who has thousands of songs and wishes to create playlists seamlessly. Thanks in advance

Edit: Gave most of your recommendations a fair shot. In the end I decided to go for MPD + Ymuse since it was exactly what I needed plus Ymuse is gtk so its automatically themed for me. Thank You All Guys!
fair to say I was Ymused…

    • @Kualk@lemm.ee
      2 months ago

      Jellyfin has mobile and desktop clients.

      For me for a long time it was a coin toss between Plex and Jellyfin.

      For some long forgotten reason I ended with Emby and eventually migrated to Jellyfin as its true free open source fork.

      With jellyfin DLNA server i can play same music on Apple TV, etc. although DLNA clients are certainly not as nice as native apps. One can offset problem with playlists.

      Both have quick start wiki pages like this: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Jellyfin

      Official documentation: https://jellyfin.org/docs/