I have no idea how to make friends at my uni and I was hoping to hear some success stories.

  • Arotrios
    311 months ago

    It’s terrible to tell people that others care whether they’re a nice person? What fucking crack are you smoking?

    Do you care whether someone’s autistic or not? Or is it more important that they be nice to you?

    If someone is discriminating against you for a condition you can’t control, then it’s a problem with them. If you’re not a nice person, it’s a problem with you. Alexmitter is claiming no one will be friends with him because he’s got Aspergers. This simply isn’t true, and he’s shooting himself in the foot before he even begins because he assumes people won’t like him.

    Finally, the actual question asked was How to Make Friends. I answered, and as someone with Aspergers and multiple family members on the neurodivergent spectrum, I answered based on half a century’s worth of experience dealing with it.

    I never said it was going to be easy. You’re never going to be friends with everyone. There are assholes everywhere. But if you’re an asshole, you won’t be friends with anyone.

    That someone took issue with the answer because it’s difficult advice to take, doesn’t classify it as motivation porn. These are basic social tools that folks on the spectrum don’t have easy access to, and lessons I learned the hard way as I became an adult. You can either accept or it or reject it as you wish, but by trying to devalue my experience because you don’t like what I have to say is pretty much what neurotypical people do all the time to the neurodivergent.

    • Alexmitter
      011 months ago

      How can someone just be so full of themselves. It impresses me. You did not even read what I wrote and think that I am just a friendless loner.