I have no idea how to make friends at my uni and I was hoping to hear some success stories.

  • @DaSaw@midwest.social
    811 months ago

    Every time I made friends, it was in the context of some kind of common interest group.

    In high school, D&D was the leading edge. One guy noticed me reading Lord of The Rings and invited me to play with his group. I met another guy in that group, who lead me to another group where I met a third guy, who lead me to another group that had nothing to do with D&D, but which is where I met a great many of my friends. And my best friend in high school (and for many years afterward) was a mutual friend with that second guy, which we didn’t realize until we were comparing previous D&D campaigns and realized they both had the same DM.

    The second time I made a lot of friends in my late twenties, it was in the context of an anime fan group. I had gone to a bunch of groups… a hiking group, a Diplomacy board game group, maybe a few others, and the anime group was where I found my social home for several years. The key was that I kept trying different groups until I found one that worked.