I have no idea how to make friends at my uni and I was hoping to hear some success stories.

  • @AspieEgg@lemmy.blahaj.zone
    1111 months ago

    As an adult, I’ve found friends from a few different places.

    1. A board game meetup. My partner and I made a couple of friends this way. They were both autistic.

    2. My closest friends I made at work. I work in IT and there are a lot of neurodivergent people in that field. These friends were the first people I knew I would probably have as friends for the rest of our lives. Well, besides my partner.

    3. When we moved to a different country, we joined another board game group, but this one for transgender adults. This group is fairly new, but I already feel pretty good about this group.

    4. My partner made a friend on Bumble, an app for finding friends. There’s also a dating side to the app, but it is kept separate from the platonic side. I also enjoy hanging out with her, but my partner definitely hangs out with her more.

    Almost all of my friends are neurodivergent or suspect that they might be. I think it works best to put yourself in a situation where you can be around other people who think like you. For neurotypical people, that might be easy because most people thinking like them. For neurodivergent people, we have to find ways to make that happen.