• @refalo@programming.dev
    -12 months ago

    Can you please name at least one product that directly uses and relies on Linux for a safety-critical system? Those vehicles only use Linux for the ICE and not the ECU. And those medical devices are not directly controlling patient-facing instruments via Linux as far as I know.

    • Rustmilian
      2 months ago

      I’ll gladly provide 2 examples that I know of :

      The entirety of the Tesla OS is based on Linux, meaning that their proprietary autopilot program running on their OS is directly dependent on the Linux kernel for its core functionality.

      • Tesla has been working to upstream support for their Full Self-Driving (FSD) SoC into the mainline Linux kernel.
      • Tesla’s Autopilot HW3 computer is running Linux kernel 4.14.
      • Tesla has been enabling the Tesla FSD SoC for the upstream Linux kernel over the past year.

      Lastly, NASA’s Mars helicopter.